Pricing Guide for Barber Shop Hair Color in Hallandale, FL

Barber Shop Hair Color Price

Getting your hair colored and styled regularly is an important investment in personal grooming. However, trips to the best barber shop or salon for fresh color and cuts can become quite pricey over time, especially if you’re not factoring pricing into your decision-making process. That’s why having a comprehensive understanding of the typical cost ranges for professional hair coloring services in your area is so valuable.

This pricing guide aims to equip Hallandale residents with everything they need to know about what influences cost and how much they should expect to budget for the most popular hair color offerings at local barber shops and salons. With insight into the average pricing and cost considerations in Hallandale, you’ll be able to feel far more confident when booking your next hair appointment and avoid any unwanted surprises at the register.

Throughout this article, you’ll discover:

  • The primary factors that influence what barbershops and salons charge for hair coloring services in the Hallandale region
  • Definitions and explanations of the most popular hair color techniques offered locally
  • cost breakdown across the spectrum of options – from highlights to single process color
  • Tips for minimizing costs without sacrificing quality
  • When it really pays to invest in premium color services
  • Answers to common questions about professional hair color upkeep requirements and maintenance

Factors That Influence Pricing

When you visit a barber shop or salon in the Hallandale area for hair coloring services, what you end up paying is influenced by several key factors. Being aware of these major pricing variables can help you set realistic expectations when budgeting and price comparing locally. It also allows you to control costs by selecting less expensive options when possible.

The main elements that impact what Hallandale hair colorists, barbers and stylists charge include:

Location Within Hallandale

Where the barber shop or salon is situated within Hallandale influences rates. Establishments in more premium locations like salons on the beachfront or in higher income areas of the city tend to price on the higher end. However, excellent service and talent can be found at more affordable pricing elsewhere in the region.

Some guidelines for location-based pricing:

  • Beach salons – Often charge $50+ more on hair services
  • High-end malls – Slightly elevated pricing
  • Central downtown – Mid-range pricing
  • Residential neighborhoods – Most affordable on average

Keep location-based variability in Hallandale pricing in mind when researching options. A few extra miles could save you $100+ on your overall service quote.

Experience Level Of Stylist

The expertise, training background and professional experience of your colorist plays a major role in cost as well. Barber shop or salon owners generally classify their staff into pricing tiers based on skill level:

  • Senior/Master Colorists – The highest pricing tier, 10+ years experience on average
  • Mid-level Colorists – Have 3-10 years experience, moderate pricing
  • Junior/Assistant Colorists – Just entering field, most budget-friendly

At high-end salons, celebrity senior colorists can charge $500+ per appointment. But assistants often price 30% lower at just $30-60 for simpler services. Factor skill level into your budgeting process.

Type & Complexity of Service

Pricing also varies dramatically based on the exact type of coloring service requested and how complex it is to perform. Some examples of how pricing scales for services:

  • Basic grey blending starts under $50
  • Partial foiling highlights – $90+
  • Full bleach and tone blonde color – $150+
  • Multi-step dance balayages – $250+
  • Intricate color corrections fixing botched dye jobs – $300+

Hair Color Service Types Defined

From subtle highlights to vibrant fashion shades, barber shops and salons in the Hallandale area offer a wide spectrum of professional hair coloring techniques and services. But if you aren’t deeply familiar with the intricate language of color, distinguishing between all the options can quickly get confusing.

That’s why to make informed cost assessments when reviewing pricing, you need clarity on exactly what each type of coloring service entails. Here are definitions of some of the most requested offerings by hair color clients at Hallandale barbering and beauty businesses:

Temporary vs. Semi vs. Permanent Hair Color

One of the first distinctions is whether the chosen hair color method lasts for weeks, months or washes out after just one shampoo.

Temporary Color:

  • Chalk sprays, rinses, colored setting lotions
  • Lasts only until next shampoo
  • Allows endless experimentation
  • $20-$50 per application

Semi-Permanent Color:

  • No ammonia or peroxide
  • Gentler with less damage
  • 8-12 shampoo endurance
  • Adds glossy hue overlay
  • $100-$250 per application

Permanent Color:

  • Uses ammonia + peroxide to open cuticle
  • Longest durability – 4+ months
  • Requires most caution in application
  • $150-$500 per application

Assessing your lifestyle needs and willingness to come in for touch ups should guide what intensity of color commitment best suits your habits and budget.

Global vs. Partial Coloring

Another pricing factor is whether all-over uniform base color is applied across the entire head, or color just subtly placed throughout sections of hair.

Global Color saturates evenly head to toe, ensuring seamless roots and ends. This includes:

  • Complete permanent shade overlays
  • Full head weave highlighting
  • Complete balayage feats

Partial Color places color just in designated sections and focal points:

  • Sparse baby light face framing
  • Understated partial highlights
  • Pop color block experimenting

If going fully vibrant from black to blonde expect to pay the maximum range. But for lighter sun-kissed accents pricing drops significantly.

Highlights vs. Lowlights vs. Balayage

How hair color is applied matters too. Some popular techniques Hallandale stylists have mastered include:

Highlights – Sections are bleached then toned lighter

Lowlights – Sections made subtly darker for contrast

Balayage – Hand-painted ombre gradient effects with soft roots transitioning to light bottoms

Color Melts – Multiple depth tones blended together for multidimensional vibrancy

Each method requires different expertise resulting in pricing variances. Research the technique mastery of Hallandale colorists before your appointment when comparing rates cross shops.

Color Correction Services

Finally those looking to fix disappointing dye jobs have an array of color correction offerings to choose from too like:

  • Toner glosses
  • Color removals
  • Color stripping
  • Re-coloring
  • Fading enhancers

Be aware these services often rank among the most expensive due to their intricacy and the risks of getting color back on track. Have reasonable budgets planned.

Now that you understand the terminology for various professional barber shop and salon coloring services available in the Hallandale region, let’s examine typical pricing across the spectrum…

Hair Color Pricing Breakdown

Now that you have insight into what influences costs and the types of professional coloring services offered locally, let’s get into the exact numbers. The following reflects current average pricing ranges for popular hair color services within Hallandale proper based on standard regional variables.

Note that outlier premium salons in extremely high-rent oceanfront locations may charge upwards of 30% over these costs. However, these still provide a helpful relative comparison.

Women’s Hair Color Pricing

Partial Highlights

  • Starting at $95
  • Expect to pay $105-150 on average
  • More for extra long/thick manes

What it includes: Lightening select front strands around face or crown to frame features

Full Highlights

  • Starting at $150
  • Average $175-250
  • Sometimes called full weave or full foil

What it includes: Lightening evenly throughout entire head using foil strips

Single Process Color

  • Starts around $65
  • Average cost $85-125
  • Frequency depends on shade depth

What it includes: Using one uniform ammonia/peroxide mixture across entire head

Men’s Grooming Hair Color Services

Men’s Highlights

  • Average cost $50-100
  • Strategic light accent placement
  • Focus on temples, crown

Gray Blending

  • Starts at $45 per session
  • Typical cost $65+
  • Corrects aging with seamless integration

What it includes: Darkening grays for seamless blend into natural head color

As men visit barber shops for hair coloring more routinely than salons, paying a few dollars more per session at each cut for gradual upkeep proves more manageable than larger semi-annual color outlays.

Corrective Color Fixes

Toner Treatment

  • Average of $50 per gloss
  • Frequency depends on toner choice

What it includes: Applying translucent mix on prelightened hair to adjust tone

Color Stripping Sessions

  • Starts at $150 per trip
  • Often requires multiple bookings
  • Bring hair to safe baseline canvas

What it includes: Using aggressive formulas to extract artificial dye from strands fully

Color Correction Recolor

  • Minimum $200 per attempt
  • Sometimes takes 3+ appointments over months
  • Reworking canvas from damaged base

Assess the severity of current color woes before committing. Minor gloss ups often rectify slightly skewed hues or dullness. But for major mishaps brace upfront for marathon correction journeys.

When Spending More is Worth It

While keeping costs low for hair coloring services should be the priority for Hallandale barber shop and salon goers whenever possible, there remain certain elite techniques and color masters where spending extra genuinely pays off through remarkable results and longevity.

Complex Color Corrections

Botched dye jobs require meticulous color corrections to salvage hair integrity and appearance. Attempting these fixes solo often worsens damage through additional overlapping chemical processing.

  • Seeking out the most qualified senior color correction experts in Hallandale deserves extra investment, as their technical mastery outshines the average stylist’s abilities.
  • Their precision work also minimizes need for repeated attempts, ultimately saving money long run through fewer appointments.
  • Protect your overall hair quality and look by paying their elevated rates.

Custom Hand-Painted Balayage

Custom balayage color melting blends require true artistry perfectly tailoring placement and tones to complement your individual skin tone, eye color and style needs.

  • When performed expertly, bespoke balayage delivers dimension and depth unmatched by foil highlights, while avoiding obvious grow-out lines as hair naturally transitions between shades.
  • Spend more on Hallandale’s top balayage talent worth the premium. Their painting prowess grants your hair added texture, shape and intrigue.
  • Budget at minimum $250+ per session accordingly.

Vivid Fashion Shade Overlays

While adding an overall electrifying pop of neon pink or blue seems easy enough, removing color quickly without damaging integrity or demarcating lines proves extremely technique sensitive.

  • Vivid tone experts understand the precise underlying pigments ensuring hues show as desired on your unique hair.
  • They also incorporate fading agents allowing color to gracefully wash away on schedule without unexpected patchiness.
  • Pay their advanced expertise price tag to avoid disappointment and need for quick changes of heart requiring urgent correction.

Olaplex & Smart Bond Building Treatments

Some Hallandale salons offer exclusive access to patented bonding building technologies like Olaplex and SmartBond minimizaing breakage and repairing damage during/after chemical services.

  • While the concentrated additive steps increase cost per service, over time they exponentially strengthen strands and prolong color endurance through less fading and split ends.
  • Investing more per session on these protective treatments saves money long run through less frequent finishes and intensive recovery conditioning masks needed between appointments.

Master Colorist Expertise

Just as only the most technically capable physicians should conduct intricate surgery, also reserve daring, transformative hair color makeovers for educated masters.

  • Senior colorists with 10-20+ years logged receive the most expensive rates for good reason – their expertise sharply outperforms the rest through artistry honed from thousands of clients.
  • Entrust your most intricate color goals like extensive multi-dimensional highlights or drastic departures from your natural foundation shade exclusively to masters capable of flawlessly pulling them off.
  • Budget for quotes reaching $500+ accordingly for these Hallandale hair icons possessing the rare talent justifying higher premiums.

While no one necessarily enjoys paying elevated pricing, think of transforming the above aspects into personalized works of wearable art curated precisely for you. The confidence and satisfaction delivered then warrants every penny.


Undergoing professional hair coloring services for the first time can feel overwhelming. Having answers to some of the most common questions newbies have can help you feel fully prepped on what to expect when booking appointments at Hallandale barber shops and salons.

How often do I need to get my highlights/color touched up?

Most Hallandale salons recommend returning every 4-8 weeks for gloss touch ups on highlights/lowlights, 8-12 weeks for overall tints depending on your natural hair growth speed and how quickly your roots become visible. Plan scheduling around major events where you want your hair freshly done.

Does it cost more to color textured, curly or thick hair?

Yes, working with extra long, dense or extremely curly manes often requires double the product and time investment. Some tips:

  • Clarify unique needs when requesting quotes – This allows the stylist to account for added costs upfront in pricing
  • Book longer appointment slots – Opt for 90 mins instead of 60 to allow sufficient processing time
  • Expect to pay fee hikes – Brace for +$50-100 per session over base price menus

Educating on expectations avoids later frustration. Open conversations lead to better client-colorist relationships.

What most impacts the time needed and cost for coloring services?

Beyond hair density and thickness, major deciding factors include:

  • Current color status – Dark roots into blonde lengths takes far longer than glossing subtle highlights
  • Desired end result – Note full head single process may finish faster than meticulous balayage painting
  • Chosen products – Premium color lines require specialized mingling, lifting longer

Ask whether pricing is calculated by predetermined tiers or actual time logged. Tiers cost the same regardless of going over. Tracking time means going longer directly raises pricing. Both have pros and cons to understand upfront.

How can I maintain my color at home between salon visits?

  • Use professional glossing shampoos and toning masks to preserve vibrancy, minimize brassiness
  • Alternate with deep conditioning treatments to nourish
  • Avoid chlorine, salt water, sweat shining lightening effects
  • Line up touch ups before key dates to combat growth

Being gentle while still attentive at home is key to making pricey color last.

What questions should I ask when booking coloring service?

  • Do you offer free consultations & quotes by phone first?
  • What factors influence cost most dramatically?
  • Which stylist would you recommend for my needs based on experience?
  • What prep do you recommend I do to hair beforehand?
  • What aftercare products will preserve results longest?

And remember – don’t be shy! Ask stylists questions whenever unsure. It is their passion to explain until you feel equipped to proceed accordingly.


We hope this complete guide to barber shop and salon hair coloring costs in Hallandale has equipped you to make informed budgeting decisions and service selections for your unique needs while avoiding sticker shock.

To recap key learnings:

  • Location, experience level, service type and hair density primarily influence Hallandale hair color pricing
  • Options range from subtle highlights to vivid full color overlays
  • Average costs span $50 for basic men’s gray blending up to $500+ for transformative foil weaves and complex color corrections
  • Adjusting expectations on extras like tipping and aftercare products controls budget
  • Stretching intervals between gloss touch ups saves over regular touch ups

And remember these final professional reminders:

  • Rather than extreme makeovers, aim for enhancing natural beauty
  • Worst case hair grows out eventually if less than hoped for
  • Communicate honestly with colorists ensuring you get what you want

We encourage all Hallandale barbering and beauty patrons to have open discussions with stylists when booking consultations. Bring the above information as a starting point when asking candid questions about pricing.

Professionals who readily educate prospective clients on cost considerations specific to achieving their desired aesthetic demonstrate transparency prizing your investment as paramount.

Seeking those color master invested in collaboratively delivering affordable dream results through exceptional artistry and care is the key. When you find this harmonic fit, the financial output fades behind the delight of seeing your boldest hair whims brought to life through their custom crafted color palettes.

So don’t shy away from making a splash with a vibrant new mane masterpiece thanks to Hallandale area barber shop and salon talent. Use the insights above to take the guesswork out of budgeting and selecting your color dream team. Then boldly embrace transformations through strategic pops of color likely more affordable than you realized.

Everyone deserves finding power and joy through expressing themselves creatively. Let this guide remove money obstacles standing in the way of proudly feeling your best when looking in the mirror each day.

Now get out there are make those barber shop and salon appointments to take your hair color game to an elevated new level!


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