Discovering the Fade Masters Near You: Your Search for the Best Barbershop

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A fade haircut is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles. The fade involves tapering the sides and back of the head while leaving length on top. This creates a smooth gradient that transitions seamlessly from short to long.

Key elements of fade haircuts:

  • Tapered sides – hair graduates shorter near the neckline
  • Contrast – long hair on top provides contrast with tight fade
  • Smooth gradient – expert barbers blend the fade for a polished finish

Fades can transform a haircut by adding shape and dimension. Choose a best barber shop that can provide versatility and style.

Types of Fade Haircuts

When it comes to fades, one size definitely doesn’t fit all! There are a bunch of different fade types to choose from depending on your style, face shape, and hair type. Let’s break down some of the popular kinds of fades that mostly a top-rated barber shop offers:

Low Fade

The low fade is the perfect entry point if you’re new to fades. This conservative fade starts tapering above the ears and gradually gets shorter near the nape of the neck. It’s subtle but still adds some shape.


  • Works on most face shapes
  • Very wearable for professional settings
  • Lower maintenance than more drastic fades


  • Less edgy than high/mid fades
  • Less contrast between top and sides

Celebrity Examples: Will Smith, Drake

Mid Fade

Turn things up a notch with the mid fade! This starts higher than a low fade, resulting in more of a contrast between the longer top and quickly tapering sides.


  • Adds perceived height/volume to top hair
  • Much more noticeable than low fade
  • Versatile for different environments


  • Requires more frequent touch-ups
  • Not as conservative as low fade

Celebrity Examples: Zayn Malik, Cristiano Ronaldo

High Fade

The high fade takes things to the max! This super short fade exposes a good portion of the sides and back of the head for a bold look.


  • Makes top hair appear fuller and taller
  • Edgy, eye-catching style
  • Great for oval or round face shapes


  • Very high maintenance
  • Not as professional for some environments
  • Exposes scalp imperfections

Celebrity Examples: Usain Bolt, Odell Beckham Jr.

Bald/Skin Fade

Just like it sounds, the bald/skin fade tapers all the way down to the skin, completely exposing the sides and back of the head. This is as dramatic as it gets!


  • Extreme contrast between long top and bald sides
  • Very bold, fashion-forward look


  • Super high maintenance
  • Not versatile for formal settings
  • Can emphasize scalp issues

Celebrity Examples: Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba

Now that you know the fade options, it’s time to figure out which one best suits you. Keep reading for tips on choosing the best barber shop for you fade!

How to Choose the Right Fade for You

Choosing the right fade involves taking a few different factors into account:

  • Face shape
  • Hair type/texture
  • Scalp issues
  • Preferred level of contrast
  • Lifestyle/maintenance habits

Here are some quick tips for choosing a fade based on these elements:

Face Shape

  • Oval faces suit any fade style
  • Longer faces look good with mid-high fades (add height)
  • Round faces are complemented by high fades (add angles)
  • Square faces work with low fades (avoid too much contrast)

Hair Type/Texture

  • Curly hair can pull off high fades well
  • Thick hair tends to suit low-mid fades
  • Thin hair benefits from mid-high fades (appear fuller)
  • Straight hair works with all fade styles

Scalp Issues

  • Bald/high fades will expose any lumps or scars
  • Acne-prone skin may do better with low fades
  • Birthmarks can be accentuated by high contrast fades

Lifestyle Factors

  • Active lifestyles = lower maintenance fades
  • Professional environments suit low-mid fades
  • Creative fields can pull off bold high fades
  • Quick-growing hair may need a low fade

See a skilled barber if you need help deciding which fade is right for you. They can assess your hair and determine the most flattering option.

Mistakes to Avoid

kipping a haircut to save $20 is never worth it when things go horribly wrong. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure fade success:

  • Choosing the wrong fade style: Face shape, hair type, etc. all determine which fade works. Don’t just copy a style that looked good on someone else.
  • Over-styling: Using too much gel or pomade defeats the purpose of a clean fade. Go easy on products.
  • DIY coloring: Don’t spot bleach/color chunks yourself. Leave it to a trained colorist.
  • Inexperienced barbers: A good fade requires expertise. Don’t let just anyone come at you with clippers.
  • Over-washing: Frequent washes strip natural oils, causing damage and dryness. Stick to 1-2 washes per week.
  • Not maintaining: Get your fade touched up every 2-3 weeks to keep it fresh. Schedule regular barber visits.

Avoiding these pitfalls will ensure you get quality, long-lasting fades. Don’t sabotage a good haircut – seek out skilled barbers instead!

How Often To Get Your Hair Cut

Wondering how frequently you need haircuts to maintain your look? On average, every 4-6 weeks is ideal to keep your style sharp, but it also depends on:

  • Hair growth rate: Folks with fast-growing hair need cuts more often than slow growers. Get to know your patterns.
  • Desired length: Short hair and fades need to be freshened up more regularly than longer styles. Keep it tight with frequent cuts.
  • Hair type and texture: Coarse or curly hair tends to grow out quicker than straight or fine hair. Adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • Your style: Undercuts and precise designs require maintenance to keep lines clean and hair in check between cuts.
  • Special events: Getting cleaned up before big events like weddings, school photos, job interviews etc is a great reason to get a fresh cut. Always sharpen up beforehand!

In general, visit your barber when you notice your hairstyle losing shape or the length getting shaggy. Ask your barber for their recommended timeline based on your hair type and target look. With regular quality cuts, you’ll always be looking your best!

Tips for Finding the Best Barber Shop for


Finding a best barber shop is like finding a trustworthy mechanic – it takes some research. Here are tips for tracking down the best fade masters:

Look at Reviews

Reviews don’t lie! Check ratings/reviews on:

  • Google Maps
  • Yelp
  • Facebook

Look for spots with consistently glowing feedback about fades specifically.

Ask for Referrals

Friends with fresh fades are excellent resources. Ask:

  • Who they see for fades
  • If they recommend their barber

Barbers with loyal clients are usually very skilled.

Research Specialties

Seek out barbershops that specialize in:

General salons that offer everything tend to lack fade expertise. Go for specialists.

View Portfolios

Most shops have websites, Instagram pages, etc showcasing their work. Look for:

  • Crisp, consistent fades
  • Good lineups/designs
  • Styles similar to what you want

This lets you vet skills before booking an appointment.

Ask About Training

Don’t be shy – ask barbers about their specific fade training. Look for:

  • Experience/advanced education in fades
  • Specialized classes/certifications

This expertise ensures you’ll get a quality, precision fade haircut.

Put in the work to find the right barber, and it will pay off with fades that keep your look on point!

FAQ About Best Barber Shop

Got fade questions? We’ve got answers! Here are some commonly asked fade haircut questions:

How often do I need to get my fade touched up?

  • Every 2-3 weeks for best maintenance
  • More frequently for high fades
  • When sides start looking grown out

What’s the best way to maintain my fade in between cuts?

  • Use clippers/trimmers at home to gently tidy up sides
  • Carefully edge up hairline if fading out
  • Don’t try to set in a new fade line yourself! Go to your barber

What products work best for styling fades?

  • Matte styling paste or cream for natural hold
  • Pomade for slicker, shinier styles
  • Apply sparingly starting at the roots

Should I tip my barber for a fade? How much?

  • Yes! Tip 15-20% for a fade haircut
  • Tip more for extra work (beard trim, design, etc)
  • Remember barbers rely on tips as part of their compensation

How do I schedule a fade appointment?

  • Check shop website or call to book directly
  • Ask for the barber you want if you have a preference
  • Clearly specify you want a fade (type, length, etc)
  • Give 24 hour notice for cancellations if possible

Ask your barber for specific care/styling tips unique to your hair type and fade.

Preparing For Your Fade Appointment

A little preparation goes a long way for a smooth appointment:

  • Come with clean (not just-washed) hair: Freshly-washed hair is slippery and challenging for barbers to cut. Wash the night before instead.
  • Bring reference photos: Show your barber the exact fade style, length, etc you want. Use photos of yourself or celebrity haircuts.
  • Wear an easy-to-remove shirt: Button downs or zip-ups allow easy access for draping without messing up your look.
  • Arrive on time: Give yourself wiggle room in case you run late. Waiting rooms fill up quickly so don’t lose your spot!
  • Have payment ready: Sort out cash, card, etc beforehand to pay seamlessly. You’ll probably need to pay before your cut.

Come prepared for a smooth, stylish experience!

Aftercare and Styling Fade Haircuts

Keep your fresh fade looking its best with proper at-home care:

  • Use the right products for your hair: Cream-based products like pomade work well for controlling fades without drying hair out.
  • Apply product starting at the roots: Work it through strands from scalp to ends for even hold.
  • Style by hand: Use gentle pressure or strokes when styling into place.
  • Finish with flexible hold hairspray if desired: This will lock in the style while still allowing some movement.
  • Shampoo hair 1-2 times per week: Over-shampooing fades the color and dries out hair.
  • Protect hair while sleeping: Use a satin cap or pillowcase to minimize friction and breakage overnight.

Treat your hair right, and your barber-crafted fade will maintain that crispy look and feel!


The bottom line – fades require finding an experienced, trusted barber. Do your homework to identify specialists. Stay patient through the awkward grow-out phase. Communicate wants clearly. With some dedication, you’ll be rewarded with the crispest high-top, temp, or shadow fade that perfectly complements your face, style, and confidence. The search is worth it – believe me. Just get ready for lots of compliments!

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