Does Barbers Do Hair Coloring?

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Local best barbershops in Hallandale are increasingly offering basic mens hair coloring services like gray coverage and touch-ups to compete with salons and meet customer demand. Many men get hair color done at Hallandale barbershops because they are more convenient and tend to have lower costs compared to salons. 

But barbers receive limited hair color training compared to cosmetologists. So some key reasons men visit salons include getting:

  • All-over permanent color
  • Color removal
  • Advanced coloring techniques

Do Hallandale Barbers Offer Hair

Color Services?

Many local Hallandale best barbershops now offer basic men’s hair coloring along with standard cuts, shaves, and grooming services. The most common types of barber hair color options include:

Gray CoverageCovers grays and matches natural or existing hair colorAdding brown semi-permanent color to blend away grays
HighlightsBleached highlights in blonde or lighter shadesAdding face-framing highlights
Touch-upsQuick root refresh between salon visitsApplying color just to regrowth
All-over ColorFull color application on all hairPermanent black or brown hair color

Salons still offer more advanced hair coloring techniques like ombre, balayage, vivid fashion shades, etc. But barbershops provide a convenient, low-cost option for men’s hair color services to embrace or cover grays and maintain their existing style.

Barber Hair Color Training

In Florida, barbers must complete 600 hours of barber training plus pass state exams to earn a license. Cosmetology programs require significantly more training hours focused on chemical services like hair coloring. So there are some key limitations in terms of barbers’ hair coloring skills and offerings compared to salons.

Barber Hair Color Education

Many barbers pursue additional color education through:

  • Manufacturer’s certification courses on specific hair color product lines
  • Advanced workshops at industry conferences
  • Online hair color training programs
  • Shadowing to learn techniques from fellow barbers

Though barber hair color training doesn’t require as many hours as salon cosmetologists, dedicated professionals can still build expertise.

What Hallandale Barbershops Can’t Legally Do

Under Florida regulations, licensed barbers cannot legally perform more complex chemical services like:

  • Color removal
  • Full bleach and tone – only highlight bleaching permitted
  • Cap or foil highlights
  • Advanced solutions like keratin smoothing or straightening treatments

So men looking for major color changes, correction, or special treatments still need to visit local Hallandale salons like:

  • Salon Ravenna
  • Anthony Vincent Salon
  • Larisa Love Salon

But for maintenance of their natural color or basic sun-kissed highlights, a skilled Hallandale barber can deliver quality results efficiently.

Comparing Hallandale Barber Hair

Color vs Salons

Salons in Hallandale have licensed cosmetologists with hundreds of hours of training focused specifically on safely formulating, applying, and correcting all types of professional hair color services. This specialized expertise allows salons to offer more advanced options.

Hair Coloring Services Unique to Hallandale Salons

While local barbershops serve a valuable niche with convenient, affordable men’s re-touch services, salons are the best option for hair color transformations like:

  • Full bleach and tone blonde coloring
  • Keratin smoothing treatments
  • Multi-dimensional techniques:
    • Ombré or hand-painted color that transitions gradually from dark to light
    • Balayage with painted-on highlights
    • Color melting

Comparing Salon Hair Color Consultations

In-depth, personalized consultations evaluating hair health, skin tone, lifestyle, and goals to make an optimal hair color recommendationStandard options for maintaining existing hair color or blending grays
Customized take-home products like color-safe shampoos and conditionersMay recommend hair care products, but not tailored to specific color formulation
Instructions for at-home maintenance to protect and extend color like limiting washing or avoiding heat stylingTypically no guidance on maintaining salon-grade color results between visits

This ability to provide customized solutions with appropriate take home hair coloring products and care instructions allows Hallandale salons like Salon Ravenna or Vanity Hair Studio to deliver longer-lasting, superior color results relative to quick gray blends from the local barbershop.

Men seeking subtle highlighting or an economical re-touch to maintain their current color between salon trips can rely on skilled neighborhood barbers. But for hair color expertise utilizing high quality solutions that consider skin tone, lifestyle needs, and personal preferences, visit an experienced Hallandale hair colorist.

When to Choose a Hallandale Barber

for Hair Coloring

With their lower service costs and convenient locations throughout the area, Hallandale barbershops are great options for:

Maintaining Existing Color Between Salon Visits

Regular touch-ups with your barber to blend grays or refresh color growth at the roots helps maintain consistent coverage between more expensive trips to the salon for all-over processing. The best local barbers to see every 4-6 weeks for affordable maintenance include:

  • Mike’s Barbershop
  • Hallandale Clippers
  • Cortez & Sons Barbers

Quick, Economical Gray Coverage

For gentlemen looking to embrace their silver locks, regular color gloss treatments at the barber help blend grays and control yellowing. Instead of fully covering every two weeks, ask your barber to use a semi-permanent glaze for subtle blending about once a month.

Men With Short, Low-Maintenance Hairstyles

Gents who wear buzz cuts, fades, or textured cropped styles have limited ability to show off expensive salon color. By getting periodic color touches from a skilled neighborhood barber instead, short-haired guys can cover grays and save significantly over paying salon prices.

Skilled Hallandale barbers offer convenience for color maintenance. But for hair coloring expertise utilizing high quality solutions tailored to your skin tone, lifestyle, and preferences, visit an experienced salon hair colorist.

Aftercare and Maintenance for

Colored Hair

Proper aftercare and daily maintenance is crucial for keeping your hair looking healthy and vibrant in between color services whether you visit a skilled Hallandale barber or salon.

Salon vs Barber Post-Color Guidance

Review customized at-home hair products for your specific color formulationMay recommend general hair care products if asked
Provide instructions like limiting hair washing to 3-4 times per week and using color-protecting shampoosTypically no guidance offered on maintaining salon-grade color results
Schedule follow-up visits 4-6 weeks out for optimal touch-upsRely on clients to monitor growth and book touch-ups as desired

This extra advice helps salon clients better care for color-treated hair. But Hallandale barbershop patrons can still take proactive steps to extend vibrancy.

At-Home Maintenance Tips


  • Shampoo just 2-3 times per week using sulfate-free formulas
  • Alternate shampoo with co-washing (conditioner cleansing)
  • Rinse with cool water


  • Apply conditioner covering mid-lengths to ends
  • Let sit for 2-5 minutes before rinsing
  • Use weekly reparative hair masks


  • Apply leave-in conditioners and thermal protectant before hot tools
  • Limit use of flat irons, curling wands, blow dryers
  • Cover hair in hats, scarves during sun exposure


  • Get regular trims to prevent splitting ends
  • Use overnight serums with oils and keratin

Following these tips helps lock in moisture and preserves your hair color results whether from the barbershop or salon.

FAQs about Getting Hair Colored at

Hallandale Barbershops

Men considering getting their hair colored at local Hallandale barbershops often have questions around aspects like cost, quality, services, and more. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does it cost more to get hair colored at a barber?

In most cases, barbershop hair coloring is more affordable than salon services. Simple gray blend touch-ups start around $15-25 versus $65+ at Hallandale salons. But costs vary amongst individual businesses based on:

  • Location – Downtown vs neighborhood shops
  • Experience level of barbers
  • Type of services – glaze vs all-over color, etc.

Barbershops cannot legally perform intensive options like double process bleaching. So if seeking major transformations, salons charge higher pricing.

What hair coloring services can barbers legally provide?

Under Florida barbering regulations, permissible hair color services include:

  • Basic single process permanent color
  • Glazes, glosses
  • Highlight bleaching – but no cap or weaving
  • Color growth touch-ups at roots

Advanced options like fashion shades, ombré, color removal fall outside their licensure.

Is barbershop hair color quality equal to salons?

Barber single process and highlight blending produces decent results, especially for short men’s styles. But salon colorists have expertise in custom formulation and technique to deliver longer-lasting, dimensional shade mastery unachievable at most barbershops.

Can barbers color beards, mustaches, and eyebrows?

Yes, skilled barbers at shops like Beach Club Barber Shop offer beard/mustache coloring using semi-permanent dyes or bleaches. They also shape, color, and groom eyebrows. These services complement their scalp hair capabilities.

Do you need an appointment for barbershop hair color?

Unlike salons, most local barbers offer walk-in color services in addition to taking appointments. This allows greater flexibility for convenient touch-ups. However, weekends and lunch hours tend to get busy. So calling ahead to book an appointment time is recommended, especially for initial consultations.


When considering hair coloring services, assess your budget, lifestyle needs, desired results and stylist rapport. Both barber shops and salons employ talented color professionals dedicated to making you look great.

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