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Mens Hair Coloring Near Me - Beach Club Barber Shop

Men’s hair coloring has become increasingly popular as more men embrace personal grooming and invest in their appearance. Reasons range from covering grey hair to trying a new style. The key is finding a barbershop that specializes in coloring services. We spotlight Beach Club Barber Shop in Hallandale, voted best barbershop for men’s hair coloring, cuts, and styling.

Benefits of professional coloring:

  • Long lasting results
  • Protects hair health
  • Expert color consultation

Why Men Color Their Hair

Hair coloring lets men change up their style, try new looks with less commitment, and make small tweaks to their appearance over time. Subtle highlights create depth and dimension while covering stray greys. More dramatic coloring transforms your whole style – think platinum blonde or vibrant red. It’s self-expression!

Top Reasons Men Color:

  • Hide early greying
  • Match hair to beards and mustaches
  • Complement natural shade
  • Try radically different hairstyles
  • Add highlights/lowlights for texture
  • Embrace self-expression

Grey hair inevitably starts sneaking in for most men in their 30s and 40s. While some gents can pull off the salt and pepper look flawlessly, others feel it ages them prematurely.

Strategic hair coloring enables men to incorporate grey hairs seamlessly into their natural shade with a grey blending service. Or if you want to hide greys completely, pick a new hair color like black, brown, blonde, or fun colors like blue!

Beyond covering greys, hair coloring lets you try styles not possible with your natural shade. Adding caramel highlights to brown hair evokes sun-kissed surfer hair. Going platinum blonde makes a bold statement. Adding a vibrant colored streak brings edge.

Types of Men’s Hair Coloring Services

From subtle tweaks to dramatic transformations, professional barber shop that offer hair coloring services enable men to revitalize their style. Treatments range from permanent dyes to semi-permanent glosses.

Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair color uses ammonia and bleach to open the cuticle and fully penetrate the hair shaft. It deposits long-lasting color that covers grey and previous hues. Permanent color requires occasional touch-ups as hair grows out. It lasts between 6-8 weeks.

Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Demi-permanent hair color deposits dye inside the cuticle without fully penetrating the shaft. No ammonia or bleach is used. The results last 4-6 weeks. Demi-permanent adds shine and richness while gently covering grey. More affordable than permanent color.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Semi-permanent hair color coats the outside of hair strands with dye. It washes out within 4-6 shampoos. No ammonia or peroxide. Adds glossy color without lifting or lightening. Great for trying unique colors temporarily.

Highlights and Lowlights

By hand-painting color in thin strands, highlights and lowlights create dimension. Highlights lighten, lowlights darken. The contrast adds depth. Highlights incorporate grey hairs seamlessly.

Choosing the Right Hair Color

With so many potential shades and styles, selecting the best mens barber shop for your hair color can feel overwhelming. But the right hue can enhance your complexion, bring out your eyes, and project confidence.

Skin Tone Considerations

Skin tone impacts how hair colors complement your complexion. Cool skin tones with pink/red undertones are paired best with ash brown and platinum colors. Warm skin tones with yellow/olive undertones are enhanced by caramel, golden brown, and reddish shades.

Complementing Your Natural Color

When subtly enhancing your natural shade, stay within 3-4 color levels to look realistic. For brunettes going darker, espresso brown adds depth without appearing too raven. For light brown hair, honey and caramel highlights brighten without washing you out.

Eye Color Pairings

Hair color can make blue eyes pop or deepen the green in hazel eyes. Brownish colors like chestnut and cocoa give brown eyes richness. Colors to consider based on eye pigmentation:

  • Blue eyes – Cool ashy browns, blonde, black
  • Green eyes – Warm auburn browns, grey, blond
  • Brown eyes – Chestnut brown, red, violet

The Consultation Process

Schedule a dedicated consultation before committing to a new hair color. Come with pictures of inspirations. Your stylist analyses skin tone, natural hair color, eye color, and lifestyle to recommend shades. Consultations also include a standalone hair coloring test before final application.

Aftercare Tips for Colored Hair

Preserving your fresh hair color requires some adjustments to your usual routine. From specialized shampoos to gloss treatments, proper aftercare keeps your color vibrant for longer.

Use Color-Safe Shampoos

Sulfate-free shampoos are gentler on dyed hair as they don’t strip color molecules. Look for moisturizing formulas with oils that add shine while cleaning. Wash hair 2-3 times per week max to prevent fading.

Rinse With Cool Water

Hot water opens the cuticle, allowing more rapid fading. Rinsing with lukewarm or cool water helps seal in the color. Finish with a cold water blast.

Condition Consistently

Hydrated hair holds onto color better. Use a weekly conditioning hair mask for deeper penetration. Leave-in daily conditioners boost moisture between washes.

Protect From Sun Exposure

UV rays oxidize and degrade hair color molecules. Wear a hat when outdoors. Look for conditioning products with SPF.

Avoid Chlorinated Water

Chlorine strips hair color. Before swimming, coat hair in leave-in conditioner and wear a tight cap. Rinse post-swim. Consider a semi-permanent gloss treatment that can be reapplied after pools and beaches.

Get Gloss Treatments

Gloss treatments use semi-permanent color to deposit more vibrancy into faded strands. They maximize time between full coloring. Target the most faded areas first.

FAQs About Men’s Hair Coloring

  1. How long does a professional men’s hair coloring service take?
  • Explain typical service length for different applications – all-over color, highlights, touch-ups
  1. When will I start seeing root regrowth after a color service?
  • Note timeline for regrowth by hair type – curly vs straight
  1. Should I color my hair myself at home?
  • Compare risks and benefits of professional vs box dye
  1. Can I still color my hair if I have dandruff issues?
  • Provide guidance on minimizing scalp irritation
  1. Will hair coloring services lighten my natural hair color?
  • Explain ability of different formulations to lighten hair
  1. How soon after lightening my hair can I color it darker?
  • Advise on timeline needed between color procedures
  1. Do I still need to get haircuts in between color services?
  • Recommend regular trims to maintain style and condition
  1. Can I go swimming or exercise right after getting my hair colored?
  • Waiting period recommended before water exposure
  1. How often should men get gloss or glaze refresh treatments?
  • Maintaining vibrant color with glossing services
  1. Is hair coloring safe for men with thinning hair or balding spots?
  • Special considerations for minimal scalp coverage

Finding the Best Barbershop for Men’s Hair

Coloring in Hallandale

With so many local barbershops and salons to choose from, it helps to focus on places with expertise specifically in men’s hair coloring techniques and services. We spotlight the top-rated destinations for men’s hair in Hallandale.

Beach Club Barber Shop

Voted Hallandale’s premier men’s barbershop, Beach Club Barber Shop brings together a man cave atmosphere with hair menu built just for gentlemen. Their services extend well beyond old school cuts with a full spectrum of modern men’s hair coloring options.

On the lighter end, Beach Club Barber Shop offers professional grey blending to seamlessly incorporate grays into natural hair color. The result looks professionally distinguished instead of just sloppy roots growing in between dye jobs.

For gents looking to completely get rid of grey hairs, Beach Club team’s performs all-over permanent coloring in natural-looking dark brown, black, and blonde tones. Instead of the brassy orange hues from drugstore boxes, the salon’s products produce deeper dimension right into the roots.

Beyond covering grey hairs, Beach Club Barber Shop unleashes creativity with bold highlights and vibrant fashion colors from their Goldwell color line. Finally, a chance to live out that blue hair fantasy!

What to Expect During a Hair Color


With so many factors impacting the optimal hair color for men, a dedicated consultation guides the right shade selection. Here’s what to expect during the standard consultation process for men’s coloring services:

The stylist first asks questions to understand your motivation, lifestyle, and willingness to commit to maintaining a new hue. Bring photo inspiration. Do you want to seamlessly cover greys or make a bold change? How much time do you spend outdoors?

Next, your current hair health and texture is assessed since that impacts processing techniques. Any chemical treatments in the past? Recent texture changes from curl patterns to grey coarseness?

Using natural light, the stylist examines your hair closely to identify natural level, tones, degree of lightener needed, and patterns of grey distribution. Arm, hand, and facial hair colors are viewed holistically.

Skin tone is analyzed to select complementary shades—”winter” cool tones vs “summer” warm tones. Eye color also plays a part. Blue-eyed men with fair complexion will likely go more ash, while those with darker olive skin tones embrace warmer chocolate and hazelnut hues.

After this analysis, the stylist presents shade options with swatches to preview together. They make final recommendations on a new color to enhance your complexion, eyes, style, and confidence!

A small standalone strand test applies the potential color first to confirm everything reacts smoothly before full application at the basin. Consultations take 30-45 minutes for proper analysis but save hair disasters!


Hair coloring lets modern gentlemen upgrade their style conveniently. Subtle tweaks like blending in greys enable gradual shifts rather than jarring root regrowth between salon visits. All-over permanent dyes transform your entire look for guys seeking dramatic changes. Beyond covering greys, highlights and creative hues add exciting dimension that suits personal tastes.

Choose the best barber shop in hallandale like Beach Club Barber Shop leverage specialized products and techniques for realistic, natural results lasting weeks not days. Consultations ensure proper color selection for your complexion and lifestyle. Ultimately, strategic coloring liberates confidence and self-expression.

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